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P-Band (400 MHz) Polarimeter for Irrigation

Sensor & Installation

The sensor operates on solar power and includes a 12V lead-acid battery, eliminating the need for pivot rewiring. Its horizontal mounts comprise four aluminum pipes, each 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter, which can be sourced and manufactured locally.

Data collection occurs while the pivot is in motion. When stationary, data are captured hourly.

Cloud Processing

The sensor uploads raw data directly to Skaha's server. Data acquired during pivot rotation undergo processing to differentiate unpolarized from polarized emissions, with the assumption that polarized emissions result from radio interference. Stationary data undergo a similar processing. Both raw and processed data are then transferred to a designated Google Drive folder.

Note: Cellular service is essential for the optimal functioning of the pivot-mounted sensor.


We predict average soil moisture levels for individual fields using our proprietary land surface model. This modelled average serves as a calibration reference for the microwave data, translating it into units of volumetric water content. Furthermore, the model assists in converting this volumetric water content into plant-available water values according to specific soil textures.

SDI-12 Data Logger (Optional)

Initially developed for in-house validation, our SDI-12 data logger is now available to pivot-sensor customers. The logger works in tandem with a pivot sensor, using its telemetry.

Integration time (adjustable)
Up to 120 seconds
Theoretical sensing depth
50 cm
Data outputs
Brightness temperature of polarized and unpolarized component.
Max. Bandwidth
12 MHz
Number of FFT channels
Cellular band
Power supply
10 - 35 VDC
Dual linear (horizontal & vertical)
Operating frequency
380 - 420 MHz
Antenna HPBW
65 deg
Antenna dimensions
45 x 45 x 15 cm
Telemetry unit weight (incl. battery)
4.5 kg
Antenna weight
2.5 kg

Optional SDI-12 Data Logger


SDI-12 Data Logger Features:

  • Capacity: Connects with up to 10 probes.

  • Data Acquisition: Gathers data on an hourly basis.

  • Battery Life: Operates up to 1 year.

  • GPS Integration: Equipped with a GPS receiver, primarily for time synchronization but also for capturing coordinates.

Operation & Compatibility:

  • The loggers are designed to work alongside microwave sensors. They store data until the sensor is within the logger's WiFi range and then transmit the recorded data to the telemetry unit of a microwave sensor.


  • The actual probe isn't provided, but we can source and integrate any probe that utilizes the SDI-12 data protocol and works with 12V supply voltage.

Options and Pricing


- Antenna

- Digital processor and telemetry

- Cellular modem and SIM card

- 12V lead-acid battery

Not included:

- Mounts

- Solar panel


Single Sensor (Uni-Directional)

For data collection in either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction ahead of irrigation.

Basic system: $14,900

SDI-12 Data Logger: +$800

Lifetime data plan: +$1,200

(in Canadian Dollars)


Single Sensor (Bi-Directional)

Allows data collection in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction ahead of irrigation.

Basic system: $15,900

SDI-12 Data Logger: +$800

Lifetime data plan: +$1,200

(in Canadian Dollars)


Additional Sensors (Same Pivot)

Additional sensors, if purchased at the same time and for a multi-sensor setup:

Uni-directional: +4,900

Bi-directional: +5,900

SDI-12 Data Logger: +$500

Lifetime data plan: +$600

(in Canadian Dollars)

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