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P-Band (400 MHz) Radiometer for Vehicles


The sensor is compatible with both 12V and 24V power systems. Its antenna connects to the data acquisition unit using 5-meter-long cables and should be positioned with an unobstructed view of the soil, away from potential sources of radio interference. Data collection can be initiated manually or triggered by vehicle motion.

The dual-polarized P-band antenna has a 65-degree beam width. Similar to the pivot and drone-mounted sensors, this sensor captures complete polarization information.

Cloud Processing (Optional)

Following data collection, the data recorder can be linked to the Internet via an Ethernet connection. This initiates the upload of raw data to our server for processing and calibration. On the server, a series of automated steps occur, encompassing filtering to remove outliers, de-striping, gridding, partitioning into polarized and unpolarized components, and the conversion into volumetric water content. Raw and processed data are shared via Google Drive.

Online Dashboard

Sensor settings can be accessed via its WiFi access point. A user-friendly dashboard, accessible through a web browser, displays real-time raw data in the form of spectra and maps.

In contrast to the pivot-mounted sensor, this sensor does not include a built-in cellular modem for automatic data uploads to our server.

Typical Use

Data is collected as the vehicle travels across the field along parallel transects. The vehicle should maintain a speed of 40 km/h or less. Generally, for a quarter section (160 acres), we recommend maintaining a spacing of 15-20 meters between lines, and the complete field mapping typically takes about two hours.

Antenna weight
2.5 kg
Data acquisition unit
Pelican 1200 case
Antenna dimensions
45 x 45 x 15 cm
Antenna HPBW
65 deg
Operating frequency
380 - 420 MHz
Dual linear (horizontal & vertical)
Power supply
10 - 35 VDC
Number of FFT channels
Max. Bandwidth
12 MHz
Data outputs
Brightness temperature of polarized and unpolarized component.
Theoretical sensing depth
50 cm
Integration time (adjustable)
750 ms




- P-band antenna

- Digital processor and telemetry, build into a Pelican 1200 case

- GPS antenna

Not included:

- Mounts


P-Band Polarimeter

Complete sensor: $14,900

Online data processing: free

Does not include mounts.

(in Canadian Dollars)

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