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Service and Support

We understand that our sensors may be used in unique and untested scenarios. We're committed to ensuring successful deployment and data collection.

  • We've provided on-site support in North America, Europe, and Australia for various sensor installations including pivot-mounted, vehicle-mounted, and drone sensors.

  • In the field, we can establish temporary mounting systems for immediate data collection and verification.

  • Our applications span from mapping crop fields to golf courses using various vehicles. We often gather reference data with our soil moisture probe for verification.

  • We conduct EMI scans to detect radio interference, aiding in optimal sensor placement and adjustments.

  • By serving multiple clients on a single trip, we aim to minimize travel expenses.

  • Training sessions and presentations are available upon request.

For on-site support, please reach out. We usually offer this for a reasonable fee, often only requiring assistance with travel expenses.

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