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Skaha Labs

Soil Moisture Monitoring & Mapping for

Irrigated and Dryland Farming

Designed for Farmers, Consultants, and Researchers

Since 2014, we have been developing soil moisture sensors for agriculture. We have flown our sensors on drones, mounted to irrigation systems, and driven across thousands of acres by vehicles. Using remote sensing technology adapted from radio astronomy, we can measure root-zone moisture without touching the ground. Our research has led to the development of Skaha:Irrigation and Skaha:Drone, our first commercially available solutions for irrigation farmers, consultants, and scientists.

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Agriculture Drone

Eliminating soil moisture probes in irrigation management, providing detailed maps of root-zone moisture, and a 9-day moisture forecast.

By combining weather and soil data with sensors attached to the pivot, we provide the information you need to verify your irrigation strategy and help with day-to-day irrigation management.

We are looking for early adopters who want to use Skaha:Irrigation on their center-pivot and are located in the American Southwest.

Introductory pricing offered to farmers who want to simplify soil moisture monitoring of their irrigated field. We are looking for pivots in geographical areas with a long irrigation season. We will come and install the sensors.

Microwave soil moisture sensor for UAV, targeting research organizations. L-band (1.4 GHz) spectro-polarimeter, only 1200 grams of weight.

Designed to be an excellent tool for research, this correlation receiver provides full polarization information, enabling a new look at field-scale microwave emission (imagine wearing polarization goggles).

What People Say

Dr Willemijn Appels, Mueller Applied Research Chair in Irrigation Science, Lethbridge College, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

The Mueller Irrigation Research Group works with Skaha Labs to rigorously test their microwave radiometers under varying field conditions. In our collaboration, Skaha Labs has demonstrated to be committed to developing a product that has great value for water management decision making by irrigation farmers.

Prof Dr Jinfeng Liu, Donadeo Innovation Centre For Engineering, University of Alberta

We have been working with Skaha Labs on the development of a closed-loop irrigation solution for farmers since 2019. Thanks to Skaha's microwave sensors which make the creation of high resolution soil moisture maps of agricultural fields much easier and more affordable, we have made significant progress towards our goal.

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