Skaha Remote Sensing named to 2019 “Emerging Rocket” List

March 15, 2019 (Naramata, BC) – Skaha Remote Sensing Ltd. has been named to Rocket Builder’s 2019 Emerging Rocket list in the Agri-Food category.

Rocket Builders today released its seventeenth (17th) annual “Ready to Rocket” lists, in which Skaha Remote Sensing was recognized as an Emerging Rocket in Agri-Food. These lists profile British Columbia technology companies that are best positioned to capitalize on the technology sector trends that will lead them to faster growth than their peers. “Ready to Rocket” lists provide accurate predictions of private companies that will likely experience significant growth, venture capital investment or acquisition in the coming year (

“We identify companies that have both innovative technology and are uniquely positioned to provide a compelling solution. Our analysis of the market and the company progress led to our selection of Skaha Remote Sensing as an Emerging Rocket Agri-Food company.” said Dave Thomas, Senior Partner, Rocket Builders.

“We are excited to be recognized by Rocket Builders,” said Maik Wolleben, founder of Skaha. “We are focused on improving site-specific management of crop by providing growers with actionable recommendations based on high-resolution, root-zone soil moisture maps.”

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