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Our Method

We combine data from land-surface modelling, climatology, meteorology, and remote sensors on the ground. The result is painless and accurate soil moisture mapping for irrigated and dryland farming, delivered to you via email and google drive.


From our partner ClearAg, we receive data from their powerful land-surface model, which takes into account topography, soil texture, precipitation history, and crop growth stage, individually for each field.

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We combine these two data streams and generate a soil moisture data product that helps producers, consultants, and researcher.

Microwave remote sensing


Our microwave remote sensors on the ground or in the air complement the land-surface model by adding real-world feedback as well as spatial resolution (granularity).

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This method is used in all our products:

Skaha:Irrigation, Skaha:Drone (Academic), Skaha:Drone (Consultant), and Skaha:Survey


The equivalent of a thousand moisture probes in the field, without the hassle of installing and removing a single one!


We are on a mission to eliminate soil moisture probes in irrigation management.

After each pivot rotation, detailed feedback in regards to soil moisture (current and trending) is compiled and sent to you by email. CSV files can be downloaded via google drive. No app to install.

The data products you receive indicate the effectiveness of your irrigation program and will help you make the right decisions to improve your strategy. Or maybe you just want confirmation that your irrigation program is working...


Data Products Delivered by Email


Urgency level and soil moisture status - you decide if action is required!



Crop water use forecast for the next 7 days.



Field-level soil moisture history and 9-day forecast at two different depths.



Detailed map of volumetric water content along the sensor track, refined within zones.



Zones created automatically from topographic wetness index, which is derived from public elevation data.



Maps of soil moisture trends over different periods of time let you identify areas that receive too much or too little water.



Graphs of soil moisture history for each zone.



Irrigation alerts delivered to your email.


Explore our docs for a deeper dive or take a look at this presentation.

Skaha:Irrigation is available now for early adopters. See the pricing page for more details or contact us if you are interested.

Skaha:Drone (Academic Version)

With the research version of our UAV soil moisture sensor we are targeting academic and research organizations interested in airborne soil moisture mapping.

qgis_sm 3.png

The map shows volumetric water content acquired with a prototype and attached to an octocopter. The field was mapped along parallel East-West lines, with 15-meter spacing, at an altitude of 15-20 meters.

With a half-power beamwidth of 36 degrees, the diameter of the sensor footprint is approx. equal to the height of the sensor above ground. For example, if the sensor is flown at 20 meters above the ground, the diameter of the footprint is also approx. 20 meters.

This instrument is a radiometer and spectro-polarimeter: it detects the power in horizontal and vertical polarization and the polarization angle and percentage of any polarized component, split into 256 frequency channels. The outputs are the four Stokes parameters that fully describe the polarization state of partially polarized emission. Geo-referenced raw data can be downloaded from the sensor. Raw data can also be uploaded to our server for gridding and calibration.

The sensor offers an exciting new way of mapping the polarization properties of the soil's microwave emission in unprecedented detail as well as a clever method for removing radio interference from the data. More details are available on our wiki.

Skaha:Drone is now available for pre-order. Please head over to the pricing page for details or contact us.

Skaha:Drone (Consultant Version)

The consultant version of our UAV-mounted soil moisture sensor is an affordable solution for aerial mapping companies, consultants, and agronomists to map top soil moisture with their drones. It hides the complexity of microwave remote sensing and lets the consultant focus on providing a great data product to their clients.

Coming in summer 2023.


Vehicle-mounted soil moisture sensor with live dashboard, telemetry, and cloud-processing.

Coming in late 2022.

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