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Skaha:Irrigation - Early Adopter Pricing

Skaha:Irrigation is purchased through an annual subscription. Subscription fees depend on the number of sensors per pivot. The sensors have to be installed in the direction of travel. Pivots that rotate both ways require two sensors. Sensors work on centre-pivot, low-pressure drop-hose system (example). Overhead sprinkler systems (example) are not supported. In strong wind conditions with excessive wind drift, data may be flagged. Cellular service has to be available at the pivot location.


Prices quoted in Canadian dollars.


  • Installation and removal of sensors by Skaha. Sensors are solar-powered and do not require any wiring work on the pivot.

  • Any charges for data transfer to our servers through cellular network.

  • System-generated status reports after each pivot rotation, sent out by email. Status reports include field-level soil moisture, maps of moisture, and maps of moisture trends.

  • Automatic irrigation alerts by email whenever the root-zone moisture reaches a critical level. Irrigation alert emails include current field-level soil moisture.

Price for one sensor per pivot (single direction / both directions):

  • 1. year: $3,490/ $3,990

  • 2. year: $1,290 / $1,590

  • Subsequent years: $790 / $990

Skaha:Drone (Academic Version)

The research version of our UAV soil moisture sensor does not require a subscription. Data are stored on the telemetry unit in HDF5 file format and can be downloaded through the user interface. The sensor has its own GPS unit for timestamping and geo-referencing of raw data. The drone itself is not included!

We will be offering an online data processing service where users of the research version can upload their HDF5 files and receive gridded and calibrated (in volumetric water content) CSV files for free.

Radio interference can be a problem on drones. We have had good experiences with DJI controllers but cannot guarantee success on every drone. In case it does not work, we take the sensor back.


Prices quoted in Canadian dollars.


  • 1.4 GHz dual-polarized radiometer.

  • GPS and power unit for radiometer (needs to be installed on the drone).

  • Telemetry unit.


  • $19,900 (introductory pricing)

Skaha:Drone (Consultant Version)

The consultant version of our UAV soil moisture sensor will be priced very differently from the research version. There will be a small one-time cost for the acquisition of the sensor hardware and a subscription for data processing. Data will be uploaded to our server automatically from the telemetry via cellular network. Data processing will include gridding and calibration of raw data in volumetric water content as well as plant-availlable water content wherever possible.

This product will be available in summer 2022. Please contact us if you are interested.

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